Monday, March 29, 2010


The world is not actually what we see..
n the people are not the way they are meant to be..!

People are not really what they show..
the truth is not only what we know..!
People are good to us,but at the back they are different..
their sweetness stays only till the fragrance of a scent..!

They wear fake smiles,they show a different face..
they run for fame and money,they just want to win the race..!

Everybody wants wings,everybody wants to fly..
all want to reach the top,and to go high ..!

Nobody cares nobody fears,they just want to win..
no matter how many they commit sins..!

Brother kills brother,son shoots father..
to gain luxury it can go even farther..!

This is a black-world,where all want to gain..
there is no place for pity, no place for pain..!

The world seems so bright,inside it is dark..
as you go deeper,it eats you like a shark ..!

There is noone to care about the tears that flood..
the world is so dark,it hides the colour of blood..!
If YOU are great,people will bow and respect..
else,this place tags NO MERCY! this is the fact..!

P.S- bit too long..but did not feel like cutting any verse !

P.P.S- Dedicate it to my friend Saumya !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Imperfect .!

i am not perfect.. i am not beautiful.. i am not charming.. i do not have everything.. still..
you chose me.. i don't know why..
you were not the guy i thought of.. the guy i dreamed of.. but i feel, somewhere you are better than anyone else.
everyone cannot be perfect and i understand that thing..
and so i say i am satisfied with you.. yeah.. coz i am!
everyone cannot be the picture perfect typpa person and so i am not and even you are not.. but did i say that to you ? did i ?
then why did you ? everyone is unique in their own.. so i am and so you are .. and so are WE!
i just don't know why do i feel bad.. why this feeling comes like a pain going through my veins.. even when you say that you love me !

and she got in her blanket,.. closing her eyes tried to sleep.

P.S just a silly post.. it is all non-sense.

P.P.S again an old post :)