Sunday, April 11, 2010

i hate being a girl !!

untouched.. a blossoming flower she was..
dreaming of high aims.. aspiring heights..she was growing up..just a girl of 16..
she always dreamt of..always thought of future..
"woh hoga to kaisa hoga to aisa hoga ..!"

eyes staring at her made her think a lot.. dirty minds ! she thought ..
but something tickled her always.. a new era ! new thinking ..!
she knew..she was growing up.. and so her level of thinking.
she came through many realities of life..many truths which she was not able to believe..
she always fantasized about things but was afraid to commit..
a dreamer..a writer.. i am.. i love being a girl.. :)
ohh i love it ..

then something touched her..or someone..she could not understand..she was half asleep..

till the time she could know.. it was all finished..!

SHE WAS RAPED ! by her own COUSIN !

she lies down now...crying..looking at herself and saying..

p.s- i did not know what to write..just penned down !
critics welcomed.


  1. Vedshree that was really painful ..I dont know whether it was just ur imagination or someone did go through this ..but either ways its really sad ..And i guess you were too much pondering into thsi , so though the words reflected your feelings , i felt the flow was missing ..yet on the whole this poem is very touchy ..and yeah it reminded me of the fea , which i guess most of the girls live with !! Its a pity that we are sometimes so helpless in this issues !

  2. depressing :( :(

    yet a bitter bitter reality of life...for so many stories, which stay untold...

    sad :(

    PS - The first pic was...amazingly sexy!! and voluptously HOT!!

  3. It does happen many a times. People whom a girl considers close, takes advantage of her. It's high time that these truths come out and something is done. I loved the way you wrote it all down!

  4. excellent write on such a sensitive fact dear...

  5. my heart goes out to all such women who have experienced such a trauma in their lives. nicely written!