Sunday, February 21, 2010

Abhi nahi aana..

It is a cold breeze blowing,
all the way just water flowing...
In this green garden where people are few,
i am sitting alone.. and thinking of YOU..!

Sometimes being alone is the greatest pleasure.. coz it makes us miss and feel someone's presence around us..
We think, we dream, we imagine..
Closing our eyes we just see them..
Thinking nothing means thinking of them..
Sometimes in the melody of the song we get involved...
Sometimes we imagine ourselves in others.. we relate us with others..
Sometimes missing is better than being together..
Sometimes losing is better than gaining..
Sometimes giving is better than taking..
Sometimes DREAMS are better than REALITY...

P.S.- abhi nahi aana sajna.. mohe thoda marne de.. intzaar karne de..

P.P.S - This was my most loved post-1. which i posted earlier in my old blog.
will b posting more soon :)


  1. yeah I remember reading this earlier too and liking it just the same! simple and beautiful

  2. The poem is beautiful :)
    And I agree with every word you have said.. Sometimes Being alone does wonders than being surrounded by people :)

    I loved it :)

    Takecare :)

  3. do I see a mushy side of u? :)